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Two existing Belgian union regrouping dealers and shooting ranges in the civil firearms sector have bundled their efforts for defending the sector interest in the Flanders, Walloon and Brussels regions. These efforts resulted in the constitution of "Belgian Weapon Forum". This forum is an open organisation seeking a balanced regulatory framework for firearms related activities in the civiel sector.

Main values of our organisation are safety, legal certainty, responsibility and transparency. The forum intends sharing its knowledge on regulations and technical aspects with policy makers on global, European, federal and regional level.

Organisations or individuals in the civil firearms business (e.g. dealers, shooting ranges, manufacturers,...) may join the forum by affiliating to Wapenunie (for the Flanders or Brussels region) or Unact (for the Walloon or Brussels region). Other associations of firearm users (e.g. shooting federations, airsofters, collectors, hunting organistions, ...) cannot directly join the forum. They can participate in the forum discussion by joining an affiliated association (e.g. the DAAA/AVWL that is defending individual civil firearms owners).

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